Each project hosted at LocationTech benefits from free infrastructure and governance to help it grow. See a list of projects.


Every project at LocationTech benefits from free infrastructure.

The Foundation also employs full time IT staff and a release engineer to support and assist projects.


The Governance model at LocationTech provides helpful guidance around key practices for operating your project.

  • Vendor neutrality. Openness to anyone, even competitors.
  • Transparency so that everyone can see discussions, meeting minutes, and similar work being done.
  • Elections to to leadership & other position of influence.


Each project hosted at LocationTech benefits from intellectual property services. These services are things companies would have to do to use your software in their products and services. By doing it for them, we reduce the friction for your project to be adopted by companies. The services include:

  • Code provenance
  • Detect license conflicts
  • Trademark search and management
  • Analysis of dependencies and transitive dependencies