Steering Committee Meeting - June 21, 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 14:00

LT Steering Committee Minutes - June 21, 2016


  • Jim Hughes (elected committer rep CCRi), Norman Barker (strategic rep IBM), Anthony Calamito (strategic rep Boundless), Eddie Pickle (elected participant rep RadiantBlue), Andrea Ross (helpful elf #1, Eclipse Foundation), Robert Cheetham (elected participant rep, Azavea), Jason Calloway (strategic rep Red Hat), Jody Garnett (elected committer rep Boundless)

  • In part: Thea Aldrich (helpful elf #2, Eclipse Foundation)

  • Regrets: Xavier Lopez (strategic rep Oracle)

  • Absent: Ed Parsons (strategic rep Google)


Next Meeting

July 19, 2016

Meeting Summary

  • The Steering Committee welcomed Thea Aldrich who recently joined as Developer Advocate for LocationTech. Thea outlined her responsibilities including the Tour, Project Incubation, and supporting FedGeoDay with Andrea + this year’s committee.

  • Thea outlined plans for the Tour which include at least 15 events. The regular cities are expected to be back (Philly, NYC, D.C., Madrid, London, Berlin, etc.) New this year will be Atlanta, San Francisco, L.A., Seattle, Portland. Jody shared that he’s looking for a new contact for UVic in Victoria. Thea shared her idea that LocationTech might also support a limited number events for a small sum of money ($100-$250) that are covering complementary topics but maybe not yet ready to do a full blown LocationTech Tour stop.

  • FYI, FedGeoDay will be hosted at Red Cross’ office in D.C. on October 13th. The CfP has been announced and is online at

  • Andrea presented a proposed revision to LocationTech’s IP review priority which was approved unanimously. Two projects (Spatial Indoor, and GeoWave) were adjusted down slightly as they’re not ready to go just yet. GeoGig (7 remaining CQ’s) and GeoTrellis (~19 remaining CQ’s) continue to be the top of the priority queue and shared they continue to want the top spots. The team felt JTS should follow next, and a few people offered to reach out to Martin to encourage and offer help to get ready in time.

  • FYI, 3 interesting stats from FOSS4G NA. 1) Pretty much everyone there was there because of their work. Just 1 person said they were there for their hobby. 2) Pretty much everyone’s tickets were paid for by their employer 3) Pretty much everyone uses a pragmatic mix of open and proprietary technology.

  • Various representatives from CalGIS chapters approached LocationTech asking to collaborate on a conference in 2017. Andrea is working with the CalGIS team to explore feasibility and timing. Andrea shared the numbers (registration & sponsorship) were mis-aligned at first, but the CalGIS team & her were able to figure that out. The next challenge is Eclipse Foundation staff availability. Paul White and Andrea are exploring that.

  • Jim provided an update regarding FOSS4G NA 2018 selection. He reminded everyone that there will be no FOSS4G NA in 2017. As part of the FOSS4G NA process, the Eclipse Foundation reported about 2016 to the core committee and offered to run FOSS4G NA 2018.

  • Andrea shared that Mike Smith is the new member representative for OSGeo at LocationTech, and that he and herself (Andrea) are the people to talk to about OSGeo & LocationTech’s relationship.
Committee Meeting
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This meeting took place on the Eclipse Foundation's conference bridge.