Can I participate as an individual?

Yes, ultimately everyone participating in LocationTech is an individual. And there are many ways for people to participate in the LocationTech community. Common ways to participate include coming to events, using or contributing to the projects, participate on the discussion lists, and much more. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. A good first step is say hello on the discussion list.

Does my project have to be based on Eclipse RCP or other technology?

No, there is no requirement for LocationTech projects to be based on or interoprate with other Eclipse Technologies such as RCP. That said, in many cases re-use and interoperability will be strongly encouraged as part of best practice where appropriate such as other LocationTech projects as an example.

Do you only support/allow Java projects?

No, the Eclipse Foundation is language and platform agnostic. There is no requirement for projects to be implemented in Java. LocationTech already hosts projects that are implement in C/C++, Python, Ruby, Scala, and other languages.

If I host at LocationTech, what happens to the trademark for my project's name?

Projects hosting at LocationTech need to transfer the trademark for the project to the Eclipse Foundation (as the legal entity for LocationTech). This enables the Foundation to defend it so you don't have to. It also makes things more fair to others who will also contribute to the project. This is essentially standard practice for open source projects hosted by Foundations.

Does LocationTech allow hosting projects at Github?

Yes. LocationTech projects are offered a choice between mastering their development on LocationTech.org facilities, or a third party forge such as Github. In the event a project is hosted in a third party forge, it will be replicated to LocationTech.org just in case.

Which licenses does LocationTech allow?

The following licenses are allowed at LocationTech without special approval:

  • EPL
  • EDL (BSD)
  • MIT
  • Apache v2

Other licenses might be considered based on approval of the LocationTech Steering Committee and Eclipse Foundation board.


The following licenses are not allowed at LocationTech:

  • AGPL
  • GPL (v2 & v3)