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Release Update: Open Source Community Accelerates Big Data Analytics for Geospatial Solutions

LocationTech, an Eclipse Foundation Working Group and a community that builds software for geospatial technology, is pleased to announce the release of five open source pro

Join LocationTech at FOSDEM 2018

Call for Papers: FOSDEM 4-6 Feb 2018, Brussels

For the 4th time there is a Geospatial devroom at FOSDEM 2018 on Sunday 4/2/2018!

FOSS4G North America 2018 Call for Papers is open!

Get your abstract or workshop proposals in today! 

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FOSS4G North America 2018!

Mark you calendar for May 14-16 2018 in St Louis, MO. Stay tuned for ways to get involved, submit a talk or sponsor. 

Processing big data with GeoWave (part 1)

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GeoDocker Development Workflow

CalGIS/LocationCon Call for Papers


New Member: Temple University's Professional Science Master's in GIS

Please join us in welcoming Temple University's Professional Science Master's in GIS as a new member of LocationTech.