Processing big data with GeoWave (part 1)

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GeoDocker Development Workflow

CalGIS/LocationCon Call for Papers


New Member: Temple University's Professional Science Master's in GIS

Please join us in welcoming Temple University's Professional Science Master's in GIS as a new member of LocationTech.

New Project: Raster Processing Engine

The Raster Processing Engine project is implemented in pure Java with the ability to stage larger rasters as tiles in memory and process tiles in parallel

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New Project: Proj4J

Proj4J is a Java port of the widely used Proj.4 library for coordinate reprojection.

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Welcome to Thea Aldrich

Please join us in welcoming Thea Aldrich, whom the Eclipse Foundation just hired to serve as a Developer Advocate for LocationTech.


2016 LocationTech Tour: Call for Host Cities

Each year, the LocationTech Community and like-minded friends, organize a federated series of local/regional events around the world. The call for host cities has now opened!

New Project proposal: SpatialIndoor