Become a Member

Members of LocationTech are also full fledged members of the Eclipse Foundation, at one of the Solutions or Strategic or Enterprise levels. Here are the steps to join:

  1. Choose which level of LocationTech participation you prefer, Strategic or Participant.
  2. Complete the Eclipse Foundation application form [doc] [pdf](Solutions level or higher)
  3. Complete and sign the Eclipse Foundation membership agreement [pdf]. (Solutions level or higher)
  4. Complete and sign the working group agreement [pdf]. Pages 1, 5, 12, 13
  5. The member committer agreement covers your employees and contractors to work on any Eclipse Foundation or LocationTech hosted project.

The annual dues are based on a sliding scale based on the company size, you can look them up in the charter under the Total column Member Fees table for the desired level of participation.

Send any questions, or the completed agreements to

As per the agreements, the latest version of the Eclipse Foundation Bylaws apply to LocationTech members (linked here for convenience).