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Geoff (Geo Fast Forward)

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As we know, 80% of any kind of data is said to have some geospatial relevance. There are many Eclipse RCP applications connected to data sources (RDBMS, EMF models, Files, etc.) of valuable information that need to be explored and visualized geographically. Unfortunately, many users and/or developers in their respective business domains are not familiar with the rather complex geospatial topics. But, they are the experts of those domains. The problem is how to make them get their feet wet and start exploring their data sources from a geospatial point of view. As fully-fledged Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tend to be even more complex to deal with just to show some POIs (points of interest) on a map, the entry barriers are rather very high.

This project aims at simplifying the process for integrating existing business applications connected to some kind of data sources into the geospatial domain. Its intent is to provide a simple to use framework and/or tools collection for visualizing geospatial data on a geographical map embedded into Eclipse RCP applications.