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LocationTech GeoGig provides a distirbuted version control system for the efficient handling of spatial data.

  • manage spatial data in repositories
  • import raw spatial data from common formats such as shapefiles, PostGIS, MS SQL Server, and SpatialLite
  • import raw OpenStreetMap data and full history, apply mappings to raw OSM data to create specific datastets, and push edits made in geogig to OSM 
  • track changes to spatial data in a repository with support for history, branching, merging and rollback
  • support peer-to-peer distributed version control via pusing changes between repositories

GeoGig is available as both a command line application, and as a Java library.

GeoGig technology is intended for integration with downstream applications (GeoServer extension and QGIS plugin under initial development by Boundless).

1.2.0 Release Review2017-11-15
1.0.0 Release Review2016-12-21
Creation Review2014-06-11