User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig)

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The scope of uDig is to:

  • Produce a Desktop Geographic Information System (GIS) using Eclipse RCP technology. A Desktop GIS application is a general purpose tool, similar to a wordprocessor, that can be put to a wide range of uses. Often the only limitation is the ingenuity of the operator and the data information they have available to work with.

    The Wikipedia entry for Geographic Information System provides the following:

    • Relating information from different sources
    • GIS uncertainties
    • Data Representation
    • Data Capture: ranging from digitisation to automated techniques
    • Raster to vector conversation
    • Projection, coordinate systems and registration
    • spatial analysis with GIS
    • Data output and Cartography
    • Graphical display and techniques
    • Spatial ETL
    • GIS Data Mining
  • Provide Eclipse RCP developers an SDK of GIS components. Used by business applications for integration spatial information, rendering or display servies, and in-depth spatial analysis. Allow the business domain model to be extended with minimal background knowledge in mapping. Enable business applications to add "just enough" GIS to get the job done.
  • Enable integration of local and external spatial data sources. The rich history, and unusual size, of spatial data presents a great integration challenge. To be effective uDig must remain data provider, and data format, neutral. Respecting where organisations store their information while leveraging international (ISO TC211) and industry (OGC) standards for interoperability.
Termination Review2018-01-03
Creation Review2013-02-20