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This proposal has been approved and the GeoScript project has been created.


This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process) and is written to declare its intent and scope. We solicit additional participation and input from the community. Please login and add your feedback in the comments section.
Parent Project: 

The GeoScript project grew out of the desire to have convenient access to the breadth of functionality provided by the GeoTools library. The GeoScript website and mailing list were established by the initial GeoScript developers to provide resources for additional developers and end-users.


The GeoScript project provides a convenient API for the Java based GeoTools library to other JVM languages. GeoScript aims to provide a relatively consistent API between different languages, preferring existing language conventions and semantics over absolute consistency. GeoScript modules can be used in existing applications or accessed via interactive shells. GeoScript does not intend to provide a complete application itself.


GeoScript adds spatial capabilities to dynamic scripting languages. Backed by the GeoTools library, GeoScript provides a collection of modules for geometry handling, spatial data access, and vector feature rendering. Current implementations exist in Groovy, JavaScript, Python, and Scala. In a "stand-alone" context, GeoScript can be used to automate data manipulation tasks (e.g. load a batch of data into a database, applying a transform on the way) or explore data characteristics with an interactive shell. GeoScript can also be embedded into other applications running on the JVM (e.g. extending new processing capabilities to a GeoServer instance).

Why Here?: 

GeoScript has always been envisioned as an independent, vendor-neutral project. Three of the four initial GeoScript developers work at Boundless, and we're interested in having a common home for the project to attract outside developers and end-users. We see tremendous potential in the project; it provides extremely convenient access to powerful spatial data access, processing, and rendering functionality. We anticipate that as an Eclipse project, GeoScript will gain higher visibility and adoption, and we see GeoScript as a very good fit for the LocationTech community.

Initial Contribution: 

Current GeoScript implementations:

  • Groovy: primary author Jared Erickson, license MIT
  • JavaScript: primary author Tim Schaub, license MIT
  • Python: primary author Justin Deoliveira, license MIT
  • Scala: primary author David Winslow
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Updated OpenGeo for Boundless since the company renamed.