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Mobile Map Technology

This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process) and is written to declare its intent and scope. We solicit additional participation and input from the community. Please login and add your feedback in the comments section.
Parent Project: 

Development of mobile map applications is currently solved with different aproaches, most of them are based on HTML5+WebGL using web browsers and JavaScript. This type of solution is not sufficient for all platforms (for example in iOS does not support WebGL), and has some performance problems. 

This project was started by the Spanish Company IGO SOFTWARE in 2011 with the support of the program Avanza competitividad I+D+i program with our partners Sacyr-Vallehermoso, Prodevelop and COTESA.

The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has been helping in the design and in the whole development of the framework and they are Scientific Advisors in all architechtural and developing decissions taken in all our roadmap.


Glob3 and g3m prototype was developed with the support of CDTI (Centro de desarrollo tecnológico Industrial) and the Spanish government.

In 2012 the company Glob3 Mobile, INC was started in the US and now is established in North Virginia (Washington D.C. Metro Area) with the main purpose of work in the development and dissemination of this tool.

In 2014,as part of a proposal to host the project at LocationTech, the project changed its name to Mobile Map Tools.


Mobile Map Technology is a framework and library for writing mobile map applications. Mobile Map Technology provides adopters with a common API to develop amazing map applications on their preferred platform.

Mobile Map Technology has the following design goals:

  • Native in all platforms
  • High performance
  • Use of coding translation
  • A pluggable and modular architecture
  • Use of well known oriented object design pattern

Mobile Map Technology (MMT) is a SDK designed for building multi-platform high-performance native mobile applications using the most appropriate technology for the target platform(s).

The framework core is built using C++ and is translated to Java and JavaScript to work in all platforms.

The main capabilities of MMT are:

  • Support for mobile maps in 2D, 2,5D and 3D
  • Works on iOS, Android, webGL
  • Works with real time data to integrate any kind of data (format,size, vector, raster, 3D, 4D)
  • Integrates with legacy systems
  • High performance mobile native development
  • Support for multi Touch screens
  • Addresses mobile performance as an integrated solution between server & client
  • Addresses the problem of software and hardware fragmentation
Why Here?: 

Mobile Map Technology is a project that mainly has been developed by only one company (IGO SOFTWARE - GLOB3 MOBILE) with the help of the University of Las Palmas and some funds of the Spanish Government

We are seeking alliances with industry partners and organizations like those participating in LocationTech to help us to popularize our solution and achieve widespread adoption.

Project Scheduling: 

At the moment we haven't made releases and we are working with continuous integration.

We have some branches in our GIT.

  • purgatory -> Most updated code: almost stable
  • master -> Stable branch
  • work-in-progress branches -> unstable 

Our schedule:

  • During incubation: Continuous integration
  • Tech Location Project: first build
  • Every 6 months: new version
Future Work: 

We have in mind some works for the future but out roadmap is very flexible depending our users' needs:

  • G3M as AR engine
  • Level of Detail for vectorial support
  • Level of Detail for 3D Object suppor
  • Point clouds streaming server and viewer
  • Add new platforms (Windows & Desktop)
  • MbTiles
  • CartoCSS
  • WebGL Cache
  • ....
Source Repository Type: 
Project Leads: 
Diego Gómez-Deck
Agustin Trujillo Pino
Interested Parties: 

Glob3 mobile, INC.




Initial Contribution: 

All our source code is in GitHub.


Third party libraries:

  • netty : Apache 2.0
  • GWT: Apache 2.0
  • java_websocket.jar: MIT
  • Objective/C => SocketTocket,  Apache License, Version 2.0

All code is written from scratch and all the libraries used are open source under compatible licenses except:

  • The C++-Java converter that is a proprietary product developed by a third company http://www.tangiblesoftwaresolutions.com/Product_Details/CPlusPlus_to_Java_Converter_Details.html
  • The Blender plugin to export the models that is GPL
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Glob3 Mobile is now Mobile Map Tools.

- The project had the same name than the company, the project trademark must be in the eclipse foundation, the easiest way to solve this problem is changing the project's name.

- The project's license going to change to EDL that actually it's practically the same license.